How to make a Jessica Lowndes


Jessica Lowndes is a very sexy makeup which is very suitable for all kinds of parties. So how to build this kind of makeup? Actually that is not much difficult and here are something you nee to do.


Step 1: Before painting the eyes, you have to properly set the point at the end of the eyes. At the corner of the eyes or the place of eyelid crease cross leave a point. If not sure you can put eyeliner in the nose and outer corner of the eye so that the point comes out.


Step 2: Combine the point you’ve done before with the outer corner of the eyes. That’s a line just like the picture show you. And next will be very easy.


Step 3: Drawing an eye line from the top of the eye to the end. From the top to middle of eyes you can draw along with eyelash, and then gradually widen and finally associate with the end of eye. Look at the picture you will figure out the trigonum of the end of eye is blank.


Step 4: To fill the gaps in the liner with black eyeliner pencil. Make sure no blank, if you find the roots of eyelashes haven’t fully filled, then do it. Otherwise it looks so strange.

See ! How simple they are! Maybe three minutes is okay to make a beautiful look.



Learning Nail-painting Constantly Improve Your Temperament


Prior to the nail-painting, manicure is a must. This Manicure is not supposed to too long or they would not be so good-looking. The shape of the nail should make it semi elliptical, which look more slender for your hands.


You can paint the nail after manicure. Firstly, adding a layer of oil on the nail for protecting nail form damage. Someone don’t like the bottom oil, as a result, the nails turn yellow after resurrection. After the oil dry painting on the indigo blue nail evenly. According to the effect you can check out if there is necessary to paint again. If out of bounds painted in the process, you can use cotton swab clean it.


Make sure waiting for the indigo blue nail polish dry , you can move on the next step. I advise you guys buy this kind of thin strips manicure stickers and cut them into pieces, and put it on the position of 1/3 of the nail ( like the picture)

Using a small pair of scissor cut the extra golden sticker on both sides, you must be careful and make sure it cuts the right position. After that, press the end of edge part with your fingers and the sticker and nail will more fit.


Last, the bright oil seal the top of nail. If you haven’t finished this, the sticker will be easy gone or ruined. So that’s pretty important. After this step finished, a beautiful nail-painting is over. What do you think? Would you like to try?

See! How They Walk Into Fashion Dress Up in Euro and America

As we all known high-end fashion culture comes form Euro and America. Why? Not because they have tall and slim figure but they live a fashion life, love fashion and keep pursuing high quality of life. So in the street of these places you will find out what they wear always in fashion. There are many stylish, like casual, modern, retro and so on. If you want to be a fashion people, why don’t you get into their fashion atmosphere.

dress up1

A stamping chiffon long jacket, which don’t pick people, is suitable for everyone no matter how fat you are or how thin you are. Tall goddess wear this item, tie a button in the waist, show different style. Wearing a white shoes bring a flavor of street.

dress up2

It’s been welcome several seasons for asymmetric design. A black and white striped skirt suit, following skit hem, make you feel more cool. Choosing one shoulder show your sexy scapula, so it highlight charming sexy figure. It make sure catch lots of eyes.

dress up3

Simple and stylish item, strapless design, and loose trousers make you have a cooling summer. Matching up with a small cross-body bag and a brilliant sun glasses, you must be the shiny one while walking in the street.

Here are still more photos for you as below.

dress up4dress up5dress up6